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Chicago's Social Media Team, 
Championing Small Businesses. 

At Chi Social Media we provide an effective and powerful way to communicate your brand, products and services. We start by understanding your business goals, and then customize our strategies to help you reach them. We identify the gaps in your current marketing strategy to figure out the best ways to help your brand obtain maximum online visibility and exposure. Our agency focuses on the perfect combination of cost-effective, on-brand communication by creating beautifully designed visual content, compelling messaging, and community engagement.

Precision & Efficiency

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

With the Right Data, Great Things Can Happen

We believe in a digital strategy that has been customized to your needs, according to your brand and your market. We rely on data-driven insights from key metrics and performance indicators that dictates how your customers and market interact with your brand and business. Scale your profit, income, time and energy. We work collaboratively with you on creating a highly customized digital plan that is cost-effective, fresh, innovative and effective.


What We Offer

At ChiSocialMedia, we're all about results. Our EBITDA-Driven Performance Acquisition Advertising & Retention Marketing approach is focused on the metrics that matter most to your business's bottom line. Unlike other advertisers who focus on superficial metrics, we prioritize data-driven insights that drive profitability for your business and brand.


Development &

At CSM, we understand that every business is unique and requires a customized marketing strategy to succeed. That's why we specialize in developing and executing innovative marketing strategies that set our clients apart from the competition. Our approach to marketing strategy is focused on creativity, innovation, and outside-the-box thinking. We believe that to stand out in today's crowded marketplace, businesses need to be bold and innovative in their marketing approach. That's why we're always exploring new ideas, tactics, and technologies to stay ahead of the curve.


Creation of Materials and Campaign Management

We design, build, and maintain your social media presence by generating creative content across all media platforms while responding to and monitoring all incoming messages and communications following your company's established policy and procedure for social media communication.


Comprehensive Market Research, Analytics and Reporting

Our team of experienced analysts utilizes the latest research techniques and tools to gather and analyze data on your target audience, industry trends, and competitive landscape. We then provide detailed reports that offer actionable insights and recommendations to help you achieve your business goals. From market sizing and segmentation to customer profiling and brand tracking, we cover every aspect of market research and analysis to give you a competitive edge. 


Ongoing Support and Consultation

The success of our clients is the foundation of our business. That's why we offer ongoing support and consultation to ensure that you always have the guidance and resources you need to achieve your marketing goals.

Whether you need help with campaign optimization, market research, or strategic planning, we're here to help, provide tailored advice and guidance that meets your specific needs.

A powerful and flexible business solution designed to help small businesses take on the world.

The digital age is upon us. Break through your obstacles and scale your small business, increase profitability, reach new clients and exceed your highest potential through working with our targeted digital marketing strategies that deliver real results.

Low Cost Pricing

Team Work

Reliability at all times

What Our Clients Say

Jill is hardworking, accommodating, responsive, very transparent and gets the job done on time and done right. 

Emily Kovacik

Jill is a masterful designer with a good knowledge of marketing. Her professionalism, sense of design, and the way she understands her clients' needs are why we keep using her services. She doesn't do anything halfway. No cutting corners. No complaining. 

Tom Smithenson

Jill provided us with GREAT looking social media content on a tight time frame for substantially less than almost anyone else pro certified that offers this service. Not only that, they provided us with more pests and hashtags than we paid for. She really went above and beyond for us!

DCM Marketing

Let's Talk.

Marketing doesn’t happen in a bubble. Hire a team that understands well-developed full-service marketing.
When you work with ChiSocialMedia, you work with a passionate and motivated team of experts who built their careers around implementing the perfect well-rounded marketing campaigns custom developed for your organization. We built a reputation around creating marketing campaigns by thinking analytically, focusing on data-driven metrics, and applying human psychology. Our approach to digital marketing lets us focus on your business growth so that you can focus on what you do best.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With CHI SOCIAL MEDIA.

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